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Actúe Hoy

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Call your state senator and tell them to support the vision act!


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Small donations collectively make a huge impact.

Together we can keep immigrant families together! Your donation helps provide legal services to indigent immigrants in deportation proceedings in the Central Coast.

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Do you speak more than one language? If you do, you can join our legal team and help translate/interpret for our volunteer attorneys, volunteer psychologists, and clients. 

Are you a psychologist? Interested in evaluating any of our clients to help them build a strong case? 


Would you like to volunteer for a good cause but don't have a lot of time? Our Know Your Rights Education Program is PERFECT for passionate busy people like you!


Immigrants in immigration court do not have a right to government-appointed counsel. We're here to fill that need.

Join our effort by becoming an ILDC pro bono attorney as we expand our services to the San Luis obispo and Ventura Counties.

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Documentation related to a country's political situation and human rights record is relevant, and often crucial, evidence regarding the objective reasonableness of an asylum seeker's subjective fear of persecution. Grad students have great research skills, and we need people like you to help our volunteer attorneys build strong cases for our clients. 

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Immigration Ambassador

Support the 
Vision Act

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Volunteer Attorney

Make a Monthly Pledge

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Country Researcher

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